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I'm a dental student...

Why should I want disability coverage?

Dentistry is a challenging and rewarding profession. You plan to thrive as a dentist and enjoy the rewards of the profession exactly the way you want. You'll be putting in those extra clinic hours when it’s critical and pursuing activities and unique experiences that allow you to de-stress, relax and have fun. DisabilityGuard™ Insurance will allow you to enjoy your career and your lifestyle knowing you’re protected in case of a sudden accident or illness.

As a dentist, you are unique. You place physical strain on certain parts of your body when delivering patient care. To learn more about why disability coverage is particularly important to dentists, visit the Education section.

Why choose CDSPI for disability coverage when I graduate?

CDSPI has been with you since you started dental school. Our disability coverage will grow with you as you establish yourself and achieve milestones in your personal and professional life. Whatever plans  you have for your life and your dental career, you can be confident that you are protected—we’ve got your back.

Plus, DisabilityGuard Insurance is uniquely designed for dentists

CDSPI has been delivering on dentists’ personal and professional needs since 1959. This means that our licensed insurance advisors and financial planning advisors are knowledgeable experts who exclusively serve dental professionals and their families. It also means that our financial products and solutions have you, as a dentist, in mind. For instance, with DisabilityGuard™ Insurance, you'll be able to customize your coverage with features and options that suit your personal and professional needs and goals.


If you’re a Millennial, you likely work hard and play hard. We get it. Research tells us you love to travel abroad, seek unique experiences and enjoy an active lifestyle.1

Now consider the fact that you are
or will soon be a dentist...

The physical demands of dentistry
The positions and repetitive motions of dentists make them susceptible to disability or injury that is temporary or permanent.  Dentists’ common aches and pains involve their back, neck, shoulders, wrists and hands.

The primary cause of musculoskeletal disorders in dentists is due to the prolonged static posture (PSP): the most common dental posture being seated with a forward lean, lateral neck flexion with rotation arm abducted. 2  See image below.

Reasons for early retirement among dentists4

  • Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) 29.5%
  • Cardiovascular Disease 21.2%
  • Psychological  Symptoms 16.5%
  • Tumors  7.6%
  • Diseases of the nervous system 6.1%

Lifetime Discount for Canadian Dentistry Students

If you are currently enrolled, or become enrolled in the CDSPI No-cost Undergraduate Insurance Package prior to your graduation date, your disability premium under the Double Up or Optional Graduate Package will be reduced, as of the January 1st following your year of graduation, by 15% of the regular premiums for the life of your DisabilityGuard™ Insurance policy.

Your Advisors

Julie and Sasha are licensed insurance advisors, dedicated to helping dental students across Canada with their insurance needs.


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The information contained here is a summary only. A full description of DisabilityGuard™ coverage and eligibility, including restrictions and limitations is contained in the certificate booklet, which sets out all the coverage terms and conditions.